Mulethi is the local name for Licorice or Liquorice roots. The scientific name is Glycyrrhiza glabra. It originates in Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Turk Mandi, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. The regions are Herat, Mazar Sharif, Maimana, Baghlan, Saripul, Kunduz, Ankhoi, Khanabad and Ghazni.
Common names are Jethimath, liquorish, mulaithi, regaliz, licorish, lakkris, regaliz, regalisse, arq el soos, licorais, lekorice, lakrica, lakris, shereen biyaan, liquirizia, lukrecja, lagrits, lakritsi.
Mulethi is a miraculous wild grown herb amongst the botanicals and natural plant based raw materials and considered as the ‘King of Herbs’. The main constituents are Glycyrrhizin Acid (AG content) & Glabraden. The roots are have yellow tips and are tested for Ochratoxins (OTA) & Aflatoxins.
We specialize in processing and supplying licorice pressed bales, hand selected clean roots, finger or ghanderi cut, fine mesh powder, slices, square cut sift on various sieves, tea bag cut (TBC), crushed roots and extract. The varieties are available to suit clients’ requirement for use in extraction, liquor, tea, food and beverage, cosmetic, nutraceutical and confectionery industries.
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